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Ways to Save

At Delta we realize that at the end of the day, everyone wants to go with a reliable transportation provider that is affordable. This has always been the goal of Delta, to provide reliable service at a price that doesn’t break the bank. A few ways to further increase the affordability of your trip are to…

  1. Book Your Trip Early! A common industry secret, especially in peak season, is that pricing changes depending on how far out you book. If you book months in advance, you can nail down a much more cost-effective rate than if you try to book last minute. Just like booking a flight or a hotel- it pays to plan ahead!
  2. Book What You Need! While a luxury motorcoach looks great on paper, it is not always what your group needs. Believe us when we say our new luxury motorcoaches are an experience in comfort, but if it is outside of your budget, we do provide other options. You may want to look at chartering a school bus (which we have) instead, potentially saving your group a lot of money!
  3. Fill That Charter Up! Charter Buses typically seat anywhere from 49-58 people depending on type. So if you have 30 people, the cost per person is going to be greater than if you have 50 people riding the same bus. This plays into being prepared for your trip; by maximizing space you can also maximize affordability!

To get a quick and affordable charter bus quote, you can fill out the form on this page on the top right or give us a call at 209-465-1053 or 888-241-8543.

As an aside, if in your searches you find a quote that is MUCH lower than anything else you find, be weary. Remember that while saving money is important, getting to your destination safely is the most important task at hand. It is an unfortunate, but common, for very small bus companies (that often only exist for a couple of years) to operate at very low prices by cutting corners in insurance and maintenance. DO NOT make the mistake of booking with these pseudo-companies, as when things go wrong, you become the liable one. Follow these simple rules when booking to help eliminate non-legitimate bus companies:

  1. Ask who owns the buses you are renting. There are a lot of bus brokers out there, meaning they play middle man between you and the charter company. This means that
    • They don’t own the buses, so you really don’t know what kind of bus will show up the day of the trip.
    • The company you booked with (the broker) and the company that picks you up (the real bus company) are not one and the same. If something goes wrong, you will have a difficult time getting any sort of reimbursement for your trouble.
    • The brokers have to make money…the bus companies have to make money, and you, the customer, end up paying both. Definitely beware of bus brokers!!
  2. Ask to see their maintenance facility. This question will weed out those who lie on question number one, and will also weed out those companies that don’t maintain their buses properly. And remember, just because you ask doesn’t mean you have to do it- but the response you get when you ask will tell you a lot about how legitimately the company operates.
  3. Ask if the company is SPAB certified. SPAB certification means that a company passes more stringent maintenance and driving guidelines. SPAB certificated companies have a greater safety record, and the certification shows they are serious about the quality and safety of their transportation.

Being an informed group leader will help you have a better trip. Use these guidelines as you will, and for more tips, or a quote of your own with Delta, give us a call at 209-465-1053 or 888-241-8543

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What People are saying

I am writing to congratulate you on your company's wonderful service. Our driver arrived early, was professional, courteous, and safe...he's the best driver we've worked with so far!
Dr. Analiese Richard, UOP
Just want to thank you again for all that you did for us, everything went smoothly and the drivers were awesome, I will definitely suggest your company for upcoming trips. Thanks again!
Alyson Colton
You ROCK! Thank you so very much! The bus drivers were exceptional....We know who to come to for busses now!
Ellen L. Hatfield, SMSgt, USAFR